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Are we going to wake up yet? 


White MEN are being shamed – to death. It’s time to fight back. This is OUR Country. 

“Deaths of Despair” and Left-Wing Hostility to Poor Whites’ Narratives | Frontpage Mag (Share from Armorfly Browser)

Thomas Jefferson smeared at his own home

Unbelievable! But what upsets me more than the Communist lefts destruction of our history, is the fact that we’re allowing it to happen. 

It’s far more than just a removal of figures because they’re “offensive” most of the time like everything else the left says, it’s a lie. The left seeks to destroy history for 1 reason and 1 reason only. “Remove a nations history and there’s nothing for its people to fight for” It won’t take long after the smearing, removal of Monuments, flags, currency, to lose our identity and what we stand for. We fight for the founding principals of this Great nation. Liberals hate everything that,  that represents. It’s a very shrewd move on their part and it must be stopped. 

Illegal Immigration…Mexico Encourages it! Make this Handbook go Viral.

Here it finally is! I’ve been hearing about these pamphlets and flyers for years and I finally found one! Well, someone else found it and posted it, and Thank you for doing so! Pass it on.


Thanks to my Ricochet friend “Wiley”, you can now access the Mexican Government’s Handbook for Illegal Immigrants to the United States from Mexico.  This handbook is published only in Spanish, and is available to any Mexican who thinks he can make a better living in the United States than he can in Mexico.  Just FYI, Mexico relies heavily on the remittances sent to family in Mexico from Illegal Immigrants to the USA.  My resourceful friend, “Wiley”, has translated this handbook for your edification.  Herewith is the “Guide for the Mexican Migrant”.  The original has graphics that did not copy, but the text below is engrossing in itself.  Please read, and send to as many of your “immigrant rights” friends as you can.  One more thing.  Mexico itself has very strict laws prohibiting illegal immigration into Mexico!  And their laws are strictly enforced!

Published by Mexico’s foreign ministry (apparently in…

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What happened about 2,017 years ago?

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This raises a very good point. And it’s got me wondering. It’s 2017 in Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, & all Nations is it not? If Islam doesn’t believe our God is real and only views Jesus as a mere prophet, then why do they recognize the birth of God’s son in time? If Muhammad was the “chosen one” why then don’t we acknowledge his birth? All Nations recognize this year as being 2017. It’s just very interesting.