Obama’s Blackmail of the Republican party and the US citizens



Cold Anger Discussed With a British Accent…

Don’t forget people, Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate willing to call a spade a ♠. He’s the only one willing to close the borders to give Americans a chance again. And he’s the ONLY candidate who apparently understands that America must have industry, and PRODUCE to make money. The days of the Liberal spending policies is over, the credit cards are past maxed out. It’s time for us grown-ups, along with Trumps help, to roll up our sleeves and drag America out of this hole. It can still be done, but it will take hard work and HONESTY, not spending bills, cover ups, and more lies. Enough is Enough America, Trump maybe rough around the edges, but he’s RIGHT about EVERYTHING he’s said. There’s nothing racist about wanting to preserve our home and our culture.